Hey guys Im Gil...

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Hey guys Im Gil...

Post by Rebellion-on the-river on 2012-08-02, 17:34

Hey a few of us started a ScionRidez Chapter in Louisiana. Thanks for all the support. I am excited to be part of the Family.
Here is a little info on me
I was HMFIC of Acadiana Scikotics from 2007 till Middle of 2010 when I decided to move across the state to Covington, LA
I drive a 2007 Scion TC but may upgrade to a white FRS in November.
During my time as HMFIC I had an Idea to Start Scion De Gras which I was President. With the help of my chapter we made Scion De Gras.
After Arguments about Scion De Gras we all decided to go our separate ways, So I created Rebellion on the River. Which was a huge success!
I wanted to let you guys know that I believe that we are an asset to the Scion Scene and will be for Scion Ridez.

We are looking forward to establish ScionRidez in Louisiana!

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