March Meeting Notes

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March Meeting Notes

Post by Guest on 2011-03-31, 17:24

Friday March 18, 2011
Fred Haas Scion Country @ 730pm-9pm: 22435 S.H. 249 Hou-TX 77070

Reminder: If you have not given Damen your phone number make sure you do so. Texts will be sent for head counts for events and shows. A simple yes and no is needed.

Birthdays Past & Upcoming:

Myles: 3/11/2011
Jonah: 3/18/2011
Riki: 3/30/2011

Jason: 4/14/2011
Diana: 4/29/2011

Past Events & Shows:
February 27th : Photo Shoot Meet & Greet @ Warehouses by UHD
☺ Got any pics make sure you’re posting them on the Forums and FB for others to see!

March 6th: Scion de Gras in Lafayette Louisiana
☺ SR really put it down! Lets Congratulate everyone who won and Thanks to everyone who came. Don’t worry guys we had enough fun for everyone and there will be other shows for those who could not make it.

1st Royalty xB1=FRANK
1st Court xB2= J.P
3rd Court xB2=MATT
3rd Court xB1=JONAH
2nd Court xB1=DAMEN
2nd Court tC= MARCO
King of Glow: Frank
Queen of Glow: Lorrie

Current Event:
March 18-20th: Anime Matsuri 2011 & Import Reactor
Time: 18th @12pm- 20th @ 5pm
Crown Plaza Houston Hotel, Hou-TX
(Near Reliant Park/Medical Center)
Anime Convention & Car Show (Website, Trophy Categories attached)

Upcoming Events:
March 19th: DownaZ RidaZ MC 1st Annual Picnic & Bike/Car Show
Stubb Cycles Harley Davidson
4400 Telephone Rd. Hou-TX
Picnic & Events begin @ 12 noon
This is a Trophy Show!
☺ Lets go out and support Trevor Hart and DownaZ RidaZ MC

March 19th: Luisiana & Dominick’s Baby Shower/Hang Out
22807 Black Willow Dr. Tomball, TX 77375
2pm-6pm (ok to stay later)
☺ Get with Luisiana & Dominick for any questions. FYI: They are registered @ Target & Babies R Us.

March 26th: 2nd Annual Scion Spring Solstice
Saturday 5pm-8pm
Don Ringler Scion: 7777 S. General Bruce Dr. Temple-TX
FREE Registration, Food, Giveaways w/ Raffle Tickets.
Trophies for All Scion Classes (xB1 & 2, tC, xA & xD)

March 27th: Sterling McCall Scion Free 4 All Car & Truck Show Featuring Houston Scikotics
Sunday, 8am-6pm
9400 Southwest Freeway Hou-TX 77074
Registration Begins @ 8am, Show Begins @ 10am-6pm
Over 50 Trophies
$25 Registration/ $10 Spectators
☺ Funds raised will be donated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

April 15th: Tristen & Rich’s Wedding
La Tranquila Ranch
FM 2920 between Dowdell & Stuebner Airline North, Tomball, TX
Friday 8pm- Midnight
☺ If you received an invitation, make sure you read and RSVP before deadline.

April 29th: Fred Haas Scion Country: Movie Night & Food Drive
Friday @ 11am-1130pm
Silverado Movie Theatre
☺ More Details about this event and what we can do to help.

Future Events & Shows

May 29th: Scion Expo
Friday, Vehicle set up @1pm
Scion Car Show from 5PM till 9PM
After Party 9:00 PM till 2AM
Club 2610, 2610 Sage Rd. Houston Texas 77056

☺ Everyone needs to RSVP at in order to get food and to obtain access to after party.

Categories: (Open to Corporate Sponsored Scions & Full Custom Dealership Scions)

Best of Show
Best xA / Best xB 1st Gen / Best xB 2nd Gen / Best tC / Best xD

Scion Pro Class 1st
Scion Pro Class 2nd

Dealers Choice Scion
Best ICE
Best JDM or VIP
Best Female Scion
Best Neon
Best Team Representation
Richard Award

Do's and Don'ts:
No Train or 18 Wheeler Horns in the Parking Garage, No Burn outs, No Peel outs, Keep Stereo to a minimum, Keep Engine off inside the Parking Garage.
Please do NOT bring Food or Drinks, Pets (Service pets only) , Bad attitudes, illegal substance.
Please bring Comfortable shoes, video cameras, photo cameras, Baby & Children Needs etc. (Water and Food, Strollers)

This is a free for all event with RSVP, After party 18 and over. Free entrance with RSVP. Free Food Served to Scion Owners ONLY (MUST be RSVP)
Drinks will be available Nonalcoholic & Alcoholic for purchase via the venue. 21 and over with ID
Due to the nature of entertainment on Scion Owners In Car Entertainment system Parental Advisor Explicit Lyrics and Images is advised.


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