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First of all, Scion Ridez is a due free club. We are a laid back crew of owners, and pride ourselves on our Family, and Friend orientation. In order to become part of club, you must first apply for membership. Once your information has been reviewed and you are accepted we request you follow these simple rules.

1. You must own a Scion. If you dont own a scion u can still hang out as friends

2. Don't be an Azz-hole. No one like that Shiz.

3. Inactivity without reason SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.""IT KILLS THE CLUB"

4. This club is not a Clique: small, exclusive group of people, we didn't invite you to join our clique.
WE invited you to join our Family. When you got here you Felt Welcome So please Pass on the Vibe.

6. Treat & Respect everyone in the club and in other Clubs. There are a lot of them we can show them that we are the best by acting like the best. Trash talking only gets the wrong kind of attention towards the club..

9. NO Street Racing. Use the Track if you desire to test your skills. If your caught street racing you will be asked to remove your decal and be taking off the roll call...NO EXCUSESS

11. Keep your hands to yourself towards our members and other teams (meaning in disrespectful ways)

13. There is a 2 monthly and 3 hangout meeting requirement in a 3 month period to be a SCIONRIDEZof HOUSTON Member.

14. You must make your first available meeting the following month once you make the roll call as a prospect..

15.Please keep any outside problems out the club period that will only cause DRAMA that SCIONRIDEZ will not tolerate!

16.Respect the club name to the fullest nowing what you do will effect many others!

17.Rember people join cause of the car they drive but they will stay cause of our family vibe so please keep the vibe going cause that will only make us stronger!

18. Welcome to a club that has grown to 22 plus members the first meeting and is getting stronger by the day.....So lets rep hard and take the scion seen to another level that no other team has did..To do this we need to stick together and become one everywhere we go!SCIONRIDEZ of HOUSTON SAYS SAVE DA DRAMA FOR UR MAMA..

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